Dear friends!


Setting up the "Rettsyndrome association"

in Russia became possible after the famous

Russian tennis-player Vera Zvonareva started

talking about it


On February 1, 2011 the Association was registered!


The association was created for the purpose of assistance to carrying out research on problems of diagnostics and rehabilitation of RS; rendering of information and advisory services and help to families with RS people, and also to institutions which promote medical and pedagogical scientific research of the syndrome and assist people with RS and their families.


We are inviting all interested people to take part in

our conference! The conference will take place

in Kazan on September, 16-17th, 2011 in

Grand Hotel Kazan



The purpose of holding the conference is to give a chance to interested citizens, first of all, to parents of RS children, to neurologists and geneticists, and also to a wide range of experts to familiarize themselves with the problems of girls connected with the syndrome, and also methods and technologies of working with them, ways of helping them.

The conference is supposed to cover the questions of diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation, training girls with RS, the organization of their living space. The experience in the organization of educational and rehabilitation processes of RS girls in different countries will be important and interesting to Russia.

We will publish the conference program in the near future.



We invite everybody to Kazan sites:


Registration fee:



Parents 350 rub


scientists / experts 450 rub



The fee guarantees participation in all sessions of sections, round tables, conference master classes at the choice of the participant; receipt of all materials of the conference (the program/abstract book; the booklet about RS; the badge and the certificate of the participant, coffee/tea)


The participation in a Gala-dinner and excursion is not included into the fee.


Conference languages: Russian and English


Conference will take place in Grand Hotel Kazan:


Check in  time: 13.00

               Check out time: 12.00


In the case of late check-out:




Price for a crib  till 7 years: non

From 7 Since 12 years surcharge without extra bed: 150rub

Since 12 years surcharge standard 1200 rub


Non-smoking rooms are available                       



P ayment is made:

 In roubles

or  By bank transfer

 or By credit cards (Amex, VISA, MasterCard, Diner

Club, JPS)



single Standard room (King) 

King (a standard room with a king-size bed) = 2850 Rub


A double Standard room (Twin

Twin (a standard room with two single beds) = 3150 Rub


transfer airport = 1100 Rub

transfer station = 300 Rub


Exchange rate 30.05.2011:

GBP 1   Фунт стерл.Соед. королевства = 46.2631 rub
EUR 1   Евро          = 40.0802 rub
USD 1   Доллар США

= 28.1166 rub


Requirements to the publication (for the authors published in English)


For the publication abstracts in the conference program:

The publication text is given in electronic form in edition WORD, fields of 2,6 sm from 4 parties, a font 14, an unary interval, no more than 250 signs/

It is printed free of charge.

Texts to abstrakt book are sent on the electronic address:

Don't forget to specify the author's data!

Author's data:

Surname, name, patronymic  

Names of coauthors of the publication   

The publication name  

Place of work, study  


Scientific degree  

Academic status  

The postal index, the address  


The electronic address  

Quantity of pages 


Quantity of in addition ordered and paid copies

of thecollection (except the core)



Articles in all scientific directions, opening experience with patients with a Rettsyndrome are accepted 

The publication text is given in electronic form in edition WORD, fields of 2,6 sm from 4 parties, a font 14, an unary interval, on page till 43 lines. The volume of materials should be no more than 15 pages & not less than 5 pages.


Cost of an additional copy of the collection =

Tables, schemes, drawings, formulas, a drawing shouldn't fall outside the limits the specified fields. Numbering of pages not to put down. All references in the text are made out as follows: [5].

The next line pass. Further - the bibliographic list, no more than 10 sources. Under footnote page are excluded.

On the first page in the middle - article name, then on the next line - a surname and a name of the author (authors), through a comma in brackets a city, the country.

Further, passing one line, since a new paragraph (alignment on width), article summary (no more than 5 lines) is given. More low since a new paragraph article begins.

One author can send some articles in the collection.


The sample of registration:


Timutsa O.V., (Kazan, Russia)


Multiple disabilities (MD) refers to cases when three or more psychophysiological abnormalities (of eyesight, hearing, speaking, mental development) are present in one child. The reasons of such disturbances can be caused by mutations on the chromosome on a gene or prenatal’s mutations (Rett syndrome, Angelman syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, Down’s syndrome, cerebellum hypoplasia and other disorders). Treatment, rehabilitation and education of children with MD is a poorly studied and a very difficult problem of the modern Russian science and practice.


1. Support children lagging behind in development: the Collection of exercises for experts and parents. Moscow: Publishing house, 2007. – 245 р.




From the author it is sent:

1. The author's publication in the unpacked kind.

2. A payment x-copy публикации*.

3. The author's publication in electronic form (on a disk).

4. The author's data.


* to Pay the publication it is possible by transfer of means to the settlement account associations (requisites).




To direct in an envelope on the address:

420073, Kazan, A.Kutuja's street, д.12, sq. 7. (420073, Казань, А.Кутуя, д.12, кВ.7)

The addressee: Arzhakova Adelina Ravilevna (Аржакова А.Р.)


Publication cost - 55 roubles for one page.


            Don't forget to specify the author's data!


Possibility of the publication of articles in the collection of the authors who have not paid an organizational payment (and accordingly not wished to participate in conference) provided that the publication will be paid is considered, and the collection will be sent наложным by payment on specified in «the author's data» to the address.


The organizing committee reserves the right to itself to reject the sent materials in a case:
– Their untimely receipt;
– Not conformity of registration of materials to the established requirements;
– Not conformity of the maintenance of the sent materials to conference subjects;
– Absence of acknowledgement on payment of participation in conference.


Welcome to the conference!