Conference Program


Grand Hotel Kazan, Kazan city, Peterburgskaya st., 1


First day. 16 September 2011




11:00 Hall n.a. Gabdulla Tukai, 2 floor, Plenary Meeting


13:30-14:30 coffee break, 2 floor



14:00-15:30 Hall n.a. Gabdulla Tukai, 2 floor. Section 1. RTT Diagnostics

Audience: scientists, PhD students, medical students.


14:00-15:30   Hall n.a. Saydashev, 3 floor. Round table 1: Rehabilitation of girls with Rett Syndrome

Audience: professionals of rehabilitation institutions, parents.


Bergstrom-Isaacsson Marith Rett Center and a presentation of Music Therapy Research

Scattin Luciana Nutrition in Rett Syndrome. Physical rehabilitation in Rett Syndrome.


15:30-15:45 coffee break, 2 floor



15:45-17:15. Conference Hall, 1 floor. Section 2. Rett Syndrome Treatment

Audience: practicing physicians



15:45-17:15. Hall n.a. Saydashev, 3 floor. Round table 2. First interference and process of education of girls with Rett Syndrome (Russia and Europe experience)

Audience: specialists of rehabilitation institutions, special schools, teachers, psychologist, speech pathologists, logopedists, parents.


Annakaisa Ojanen Supporting the communication of Rett-persons: the possibilities of  Augmentative and Alternative Communication


Savella-Syväjärvi Lena-Maja Rett Syndrome girls´right to education



18.30-21.30. Gala dinner: National tatar kitchen evening. Grand Hotel Kazan, G. Tukai Hall.

Second day. 17 September 2011 Grand Hotel Kazan


9:15. The Meet on reception of Grand Hotel Kazan

9:30-10:30 Excursion, Kazan Kremlin


11:00-12:30 G. Tukai Hall, 2 floor. Section 3. Organization of life space for girls with Rett Syndrome

Audience: parents


Syväjärvi Jorma Different means of rehabilitation and hobby for high of quality of RS girls´life


Nguen Gerard Parents and families' roles in the management of Rett Syndrome


12.30-12.45. Coffee break, 2 floor



12.45. Final Conference, G. Tukai Hall, 2 floor.


13.30.-14.30 Business Lunch, Restaurant,3 floor

14.45. Meeting for reception

15.00-16.00 Kazan City Hall: Appointment of conference participants by Mayor of Kazan

16.00-17.30 Excursion to rehabilitation centers of Kazan City and child diagnostic and medical institutions

18.00-21.00 Tennis stars’ charity match-show, Tennis Academy “Tennis-Bay”